Mental Health I Hate Being Bipolar, It'S Awesome!

17 Jan 2023, 13:43
Mental Health  I Hate Being Bipolar, It'S Awesome!
Last updated 10/2022
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An actionable guide to living with Bipolar Disorder for Patients and Families - Mental Health

What you'll learn
Understand what Bipolar disorder is and how to prevent it in the future
Actionable steps for quickly breaking patterns of Bipolar disorder and improved Mental Health
Understand how your thinking influences your emotional well-being.
Recover self esteem, regain happiness,balanced Mental Health and mobility
Take the first steps towards transforming your overall quality of life
Understand how to strengthen and maximise your inner resilience
A refreshing perspective on Bipolar Disorder from someone living with the condition
A desire to learn more about Bipolar Disorder ( Mental Health )
There are no special requirements or prior experience needed, in order for you to benefit from this course
Do you go through intense moods?
Are you or your loved one struggling with Bipolar disorder ?
Do you want to understand, alleviate the emotional roller-coaster and get back to a balanced life?
If you answered yes, this course is for you!
You're about to discover strategies on how to manage Bipolar Mental Health Disorder and get your life back on track.
Millions of people suffer from Bipolar Disorder and throw away their lives and their future because they don't know how to deal with this condition. Don't let this happen to you!
In this complete course, we offer you straight talk, true stories, and proven strategies that can help you achieve greater balance and free yourself from out-of-control moods.
We racked our brains to include and describe every single aspect we could think about on how it is to live with Bipolar disorder or with someone who has the Mental Health disorder. We put our Bipolar minds together and brainstormed every little thing we think you need to know about bipolar disorder and how we personally manage to live with Bipolar disorder and have a normal life.
This course is more than a repair manual for the bipolar brain. Sure, we discuss diagnoses and treatments, available medications and therapies, and the lifestyle changes that can help you cope. But we also go beyond that to reveal some of the causes and consequences of bipolar disorder, let you in on some crisis-survival strategies, and describe ways that friends and family members can support loved ones who have bipolar disorder.
Have no fear : wellness is attainable if it isn't already at your doorstep. Follow a few simple , but not always easy, tips and tricks and you will find yourself on your way. Nothing can cure bipolar disorder, but we do believe the more you practice and improve yourself, the greater the chance you will spend less time in mania or depression. In the end of this course , you will have many new tips on how to fine tune your illness or how to help the ones you love who lives daily with it.
We are not doctors, but we are experts in living and dealing with Bipolar disorder. It is our wish that something inside this course will assist you in leading a more balanced and enjoyable life. Some of the information is very basic and some concepts are more complex but we made them as simple as possible for you to understand to make sure you get the core knowledge we really want to share with you. We sincerely hope you find our course and experiences useful and that you are able to integrate them into your lives as well.
So, why should you start this course?
You'll find the answer to all the questions you have about the Mental Health illness You'll find alternative ways to fight the extreme mood swings
And you'll finish the course with a fresh perspective!
Learn more about your Mental Health
This is the first self-help course available specifically for individuals diagnosed with bipolar disorder or for anyone living and dealing with someone who has this condition!
So what are you waiting for?
Take action to help yourself or your loved one suffering from Bipolar disorder and start this course now!
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Welcome to the course
Lecture 2 One person, two poles
Lecture 3 What is Bipolar disorder?
Section 2: Understanding the illness
Lecture 4 Mental Health : What causes Bipolar disorder?
Lecture 5 Mental Health: What are the symptoms of Bipolar disorder?
Lecture 6 Mental Health: Types of Episodes
Lecture 7 Mental Health: Bipolar disorder subtypes
Section 3: Mental Health: Bipolar Disorder Diagnose and Treatment
Lecture 8 Is Bipolar disorder easy to diagnose?
Lecture 9 How is Bipolar disorder treated?
Section 4: Family Life and Relationships ❤
Lecture 10 Family Life and Relationships
Lecture 11 Children and Adolescents with Bipolar Disorder
Lecture 12 Pregnancy & Bipolar Disorder
Section 5: Mental Health: Bipolar Disorder: Getting Help
Lecture 13 Getting Help
Lecture 14 How can I help myself?
Lecture 15 Dealing with your Stressors and Triggers
Lecture 16 Restructuring your life
Lecture 17 Building Healthy Relationships
Lecture 18 Shutting Down Your Brain
Lecture 19 Supportive Nutrition
Lecture 20 Move your body, improve your mood
Lecture 21 Mindfulness
Section 6: Mental Health: Bipolar Disorder: Providing Help
Lecture 22 How can I Help someone with Bipolar disorder?
Lecture 23 Establishing the right mindset
Lecture 24 Knowing What You Can and Can't Do to Help
Lecture 25 Cultivating a healthy home environment
Lecture 26 Remaining Vigilant for Warning Signs
Lecture 27 Taking Care of Yourself
Section 7: Real Life Example : Living with Bipolar Disorder
Lecture 28 Being Bipolar - Marias' thoughts
Section 8: Conclusion
Lecture 29 Final Words
Lecture 30 BONUS : Exclusive Gift For You
EVERYONE who has bipolar disorder,POSITIVE PEOPLE who want to rid of negative thought processes and negative behaviours that may be restricting the quality of you life,ANYONE affected by bipolar disorder, including those with bipolar disorder among their family, friends, coworkers, or employees,GENERAL PUBLIC interested in learning more about this extremely common set of conditions,HELPING SPECIALISTS: This course can be used as a practical tool for helping professionals, such as therapists, counselors, psychologists, teachers, and social group leaders.,PARENTS: Being a parent can be difficult enough without having the burden of Bipolar Disorder and other debilitating emotions.,People with interest in Mental Health


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