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How To Fake A Watercolour Part 1 Illustrator Brushes - Udemy

How To Fake A Watercolour Part 1 Illustrator Brushes - Udemy
Last updated 10/2021
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Learn to create simple and complex water-colour brushes

What you'll learn
Students will learn how to create and use Illustrator brushes to create a composition to be imported into Photoshop
Create plant forms with custom brushes
Learn to add textured edges for the plants you draw
Learn how to export the final composition for use in Illustrator
Some knowledge of Illustrator is helpful but not essential
Knowledge of what a watercolor painting looks like is good inspiration
Who knew you could fake a watercolor? This course will show you how! The course has 2 parts: Part 1 is in Illustrator, where you learn all about creating Illustrator brushes. You will use these brushes to produce an amazing composition. Next you will take this composition into Photoshop, in Part 2, where you will apply all the finishing touches to make it look like a real watercolor! If you are into art licensing, you can learn this process to help you produce large artworks in bulk or a series in a fraction of the time it would take to paint it using natural media. This course is for intermediate Illustrator and Photoshop users, though everything is explained in a step-by-step way that any graphic designer can follow. The skills you learn will reinforce all you know about Illustrator brushes while giving you a unique and practical purpose. Take a deep dive into the fine art world and produce a fabulous artwork in the process!The verbal guidance and demonstrations will help you learn all the necessary core skills that can be applied to so many of your future designs. Whether you are new to design, or a fully qualified licensed artist, learning these skills be pivotal in your art licensing adventure! Imagine the time you will save!In this class we will go through specific concepts in 6 lessons that cover:• Creating simple Illustrator brushes• Creating advanced pattern brushes in illustrator• Composing a striking composition• Layering and finessing your designYou will get the bonus of.• direction from an instructor who has been in the graphic design and art licensing business for over 40 years as well as being a certified teacher for 30 years• a resource list of helpful online sites to further your education into design.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Making Simple Illustrator Brushes
Lecture 3 Advanced Illustrator Brush Creation
Lecture 4 Creating the Composition
Lecture 5 Layering and Finessing the Composition
Lecture 6 The Pattern Brush Made Easy
Lecture 7 Closing Thoughts
graphic designer, illustrators, artists, surface pattern designers,great for those who are trying to level up their illustrator brush making skills


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