WP The Easy Way

03 Nov 2021, 00:31
WP The Easy Way
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The fastest, most efficient method of building a WordPress website
What you'll learn:
How to build a WordPress website visually, without code
How to use global styling to build websites faster and more effectively
Using templates and display conditions to build your websites faster and more effectively
The easiest, most efficient method of building most small WordPress websites

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Welcome to WP The Easy Way! This is a complete system for building WordPress websites without a theme, lots of plugins or a developer. It is, in my opinion, the easiest, fastest, most efficient method of building WordPress websites.

Solving The 8 WordPress Problems Everyone HATES

Any of this sound familiar when dealing with WordPress?

It seems like I need an extra plugin for everything!

It takes too long to make the changes I want on my website

I don't know how to change certain things on my website

My theme is limiting me

My website breaks when I update it

My site is super slow and I can't fix it

Custom code is too complicated

I can't find reliable developers at a good price

If this sounds like you, don't worry. There's a simple way of doing things.

I'm going to show you how we build simple WordPress websites without a theme, minimal plugins and get it done in a fraction of the time most people do, at a fraction of the cost.

What Most WordPress Courses Get Wrong, That This Doesn't

This course is about doing things the fastest, easiest most efficient way possible.

They teach you the wrong things. They try to teach you to become a developer, when you just want to be able to build a simple website the easy way.

They don't do things the easy way. They don't teach you how to build websites visually, without code.

They aren't beginner friendly. They assume too much about your level of WordPress background.

They're developer focused. They are made by developers and focused on the 'techie stuff' you don't need to know.

They aren't evergreen. As soon as the course is released, it's already out of date, and you can't follow along to half the videos

There's no secret sauce! They don't give away their 'secret sauce' and all their tips and tricks, they are relying on you contacting them for paid work after you watch the course

The NON Easy Way

Does this sound like your current process for building a WordPress website?

Spend weeks trying to find the 'perfect' theme for your website.

Agonise over finding the best stock photos and icons

Purchase and install your theme to immediately find out it doesn't do some of the things you want

Spend a few more weeks installing plugins hoping they plug the gaps

Get frustrated when you realise you can't edit things without breaking the 'demo' layout of your theme

Spend more time dealing with cheap outsourced developers trying to cobble things together with custom code

Realise that you actually want to completely change the layout and design of your website, then head back to square one

Tweak some more, add more plugins, things start breaking, code conflicts, plugin license keys, argh!

Bring in some more cheap developers, who undo the work the previous developers do, and tell you to install even more plugins

There's A Better Way To Build WordPress Websites, It's Called, WP The Easy Way

Say goodbye to fancy themes, custom code, too many plugins, code conflicts and endless WordPress headaches.

22 step by step video tutorials with over 5.5 hours worth of free content

New and improved content every month, based on your feedback

Save thousands of pounds in custom themes, plugins and outsourced development costs

Never have to use another freelancer or developer

4 years worth of hacks, shortcuts and 'secret sauce' from my agency

So what are you waiting for? Signup now and start doing things the easy way!

Who this course is for
Anyone that wants to build a website without code, but still have control over the way it looks and functions
Non technical WordPress users
WordPress users tired of difficult to use themes and plugins



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