Be Field Marshal in Excel

02 Nov 2021, 23:43
Be Field Marshal in Excel
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learn Excel from nothing to something
What you'll learn:
Introduction of Excel
Entering Excel Interface
All features of Excel
Function and Formula
Advanced calculation
Excel projects (Creating Invoice, School Score and prepare reporting,
Introducing Macros and VBA
Example of VBA
Usefully VBA Project

Have Computing Devices like Laptops, Pcs, PDA, Tablets, Smartphones etc

Be field marshal on excel

As definition of field marshal means is the most senior military rank or is highest rank in an army and know everything on a war .so do you want to get that rank on Microsoft Excel?

That's good taking this course means you want to know everything about Microsoft excel

Why I create this course it because so many excel learners complains that they forget everything so easily after few days, weeks, months or years. Asking why they simply say it because they don't do enough excise or they just do once at the sometime. But what I tell you is not true that you forgot because you don't do every day, the truth is wrong teaching and wrong learning. Have you ever forgotten how to ride a bicycle? Why in Excel?. For that we have this course which can help you to master excel not just learning. After finishing any part of this course you won't forget anything because I designed the simple way and new tricks of the excel that will attach automatically in your brain.

What you will get in this course

Part one

Introduction of Excel

In this introduction you will know everything about excel from old version to new versions and their features.

Part two

Entering to Excel field

Here you will learn about excel windows or user interface of excel.

Part three

Tools and features of excel

Here you will learn in partition of every part like

File Button (here you will learn about "save, save as, open, close, info, recent, new, print, save and send help, options and exit'")

Quick Access toolbar (here you will learn about" redo, undo and useful tools")

Home tab (here you will know about(clip board, font, alignment, number, style, cells and editing)

Insert tab (tables, illustrations, charts, spark lines, filter, link, text and symbol

Page layout (themes, page setup, scale to fit, sheet option, arrange)

Formulas (function library, defined names, formula auditing, calculation)

Data (get external data, connection, sort & fitter, data tools and outline)

Review (proofing, comment, changes)

View (workbook views, show, zoom, window, macros)

Part four

Formulas and function (here you will get more than 500 formulas and function

Who this course is for
Beginners to Experts


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