Learn SQL databases in a weekend

02 Nov 2021, 20:31
Learn SQL databases in a weekend
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SQL crash-course with everything you need to jump into database programming projects. Learn it all in a single weekend!
What you'll learn:
Understand what SQL databases are and how to work with them
Be able to jump in a project requiring SQL knowledge
Create your own SQL database with multiple tables
Write simple SQL queries to fetch the data you need
Have a stable basis for further exploration of more advanced SQL topics
Find community help and documentation for SQL
Use SQL databases in Python, Java and other programming languages

Basic programming skills are advised (not strictly necessary)

This is an intensive crash-course of SQL databases, the absolute essence. It contains everything you need to know to jump into real SQL database projects. And you can do it in a single weekend!

You will learn:

What SQL databases are and how they are structured

How to set up the necessary tools to get started

How to CREATE TABLEs and modify their structure later

How to export the data and table structure to a backup-file, and restore a database from a backup

How to INSERT data

How to write queries to SELECT the necessary data, including WHERE conditions, ORDERing, aggregation and GROUP BY, conditions * and functions.

What the mysterious NULL values are and why they behave so weirdly

How to DELETE data

How to UPDATE data

How to link together tables and select data from multiple tables using JOINs

The course contains a great deal of practical exercises:

Short quizzes to test your understanding along the way

Exercises in every section, including an extensive set of exercises using multi-table SELECTs with JOIN

A course project in Python and Java where you will read data from an SQL databases in your program

We will use the MySQL database engine - one of the most popular choices of SQL, a free and open-source solution.

Check out the free videos and see you in the course!

Who this course is for
Programmers and enthusiasts eager to learn SQL databases
University students who have hard time understanding "that database course"
Data analysts who need basic understanding of data in SQL format



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