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Interactive python dashboards | Plotly Dash 2021| 3 Projects (Update 08/2021)

01 Nov 2021, 07:10
Interactive python dashboards | Plotly Dash 2021| 3 Projects (Update 08/2021)
Interactive python dashboards | Plotly Dash 2021| 3 Projects (Update 08/2021) | 3.18 GB

Interactive python dashboards | Plotly Dash 2021 | 3 Projects is a training course on designing and building dashboards and management panels published by Udemy Academy. Management panels play a very important role in the world of digital business, especially inter-company businesses, and are used every day by different companies to visualize data and display various data related to sales and product inventory.

During the course of this training course, you will get acquainted with management panels in a completely project-oriented way, and at the end of the course, you will make three completely practical projects. In the first training project, along with the course instructor, you will design a panel related to Corona, in which you will display information to the user based on the number of patients, recovered, etc. based on time and country.

Your main tools are the Python programming language and the Plotly Dash library, which are used specifically for dashboards and data visualization. All panels are designed to be responsive and compatible with all mobile phones and other devices such as tablets. Visualization and presentation of data in regular graphic formats can help your users to understand and comprehend different data. Data analysts and specialists will benefit the most from this training course and will be able to present the data obtained from different machine learning technologies and information models to their customers in a fully interactive way and in the form of different graphs. Plotly Dash is done in a 100% visual environment and there is no need for coding and basic knowledge in jаvascript, HTML and CSS languages.

What you will learn in Interactive python dashboards | Plotly Dash 2021| 3 Projects
Build admin panels and dashboards using Python programming language and Plotly Dash library
Build interactive graphs and charts
Displayed in the form of various plots such as load, bubble and scatter
Build and display different data cards in different applications
Data visualization using Python
Build responsive panels compatible with various devices
Creating national and global maps and implementing it in various applications
Build menu and navigation bar to guide the user on different panel pages
Create clickable widgets such as sliders, drop-down menus, checkboxes, etc.



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