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Music and Mental Imagery

17 Jan 2023, 02:24
Music and Mental Imagery
Mats B. Küssner, "Music and Mental Imagery "
English | ISBN: 0367352168 | 2022 | 318 pages | PDF | 5 MB
Drawing on perspectives from music psychology, cognitive neuroscience, philosophy, musicology, clinical psychology, and music education, Music and Mental Imagery provides a critical overview of cutting-edge research on the various types of mental imagery associated with music. The four main parts cover an introduction to the different types of mental imagery associated with music such as auditory/musical, visual, kinaesthetic, and multimodal mental imagery; a critical assessment of established and novel ways to measure mental imagery in various musical contexts; coverage of different states of consciousness, all of which are relevant for, and often associated with, mental imagery in music, and a critical overview of applications of mental imagery in health, educational, and performance settings.

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