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Law Enforcement, Leadership and Wellbeing Creating Resilience

17 Jan 2023, 02:12
Law Enforcement, Leadership and Wellbeing Creating Resilience
Ian Hesketh, "Law Enforcement, Leadership and Wellbeing: Creating Resilience"
English | ISBN: 3031224159 | 2023 | 106 pages | PDF | 2 MB
This book provides practical guidance on establishing wellbeing services and interventions within policing for all of those working in law enforcement, particularly leaders and HR professionals. It also offers insight, provokes thought, and gives guidance on how to navigate and get the most from working life as a police officer or member of police support staff. With a focus on the modern working environment, the book covers the key concepts, history, and practical advice necessary for all those interested in this fascinating field of law enforcement. As workplaces become ever more complex and ambiguous, and the world of work ever more dynamic, understanding how organizations behave and how those in the workplace are likely to respond is key to bringing meaning and purpose to work, the cornerstone of effective policing. The book details how to effectively measure workplace wellbeing in policing and how to interpret and use findings to make improvements and craft interventions. It is a key text for exploring law enforcement, leadership, and wellbeing within policing for all those involved with law enforcement, as well as HR professionals, occupational health professionals, and critically, those with police line management responsibilities.

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