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International Law and Development in the Global South

17 Jan 2023, 02:02
International Law and Development in the Global South
Emeka Duruigbo, "International Law and Development in the Global South"
English | ISBN: 303113740X | 2023 | 444 pages | PDF | 7 MB
This book provides contributions in international law, development, and international relations from a cross section of jurists and scholars including a justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria and a former Judge of the International Court of Justice at The Hague. The project, conceived as a festschrift in honor of Professor Christian Okeke, aims to amplify the voices and perspectives that are not often accorded the limelight in international legal discourse. Additionally, the contributors discuss such relevant issues as frozen conflicts in Eastern Europe, counter-terrorism and cyber-security in Central Asia, and judicial contrivance in African countries. Bridging the gap between political science and legal scholarship, the book presents an interdisciplinary perspective on the emergence of an international rule of law and development. It also provides much needed empirical research on the implications of multi-level governance and global legal pluralism for the rule of law beyond the nation state. This book will be highly relevant to scholars, academics, researchers, and students in the fields of international relations, law, and development.

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