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Apple Watch For Dummies, 2022 Edition

18 Dec 2021, 10:08

Apple Watch For Dummies, 2022 Edition

Apple Watch For Dummies, 2022 Edition | 58.12 MB
English | 435 Pages

Title: Apple Watch for Dummies
Author: Saltzman, Marc;
Year: 2019

Take a bite out of the new and improved Apple Watch! 
The Apple Watch is a powerful computer that's worn on your wrist ― and can serve as an invaluable companion, anytime and anywhere. Acting as a communication device, fitness and health tracker, and sleek time piece, the Apple Watch keeps you connected ―and all hands-free. 
Apple Watch For Dummies gets you up to speed on the latest updates to WatchOS, and teaches you about all-new features, such as the walkie-talkie. You'll find out how to use it to set and maintain reachable goals for your fitness; monitor your heart rate, detect falls, and track other health-related info; send and receive text messages and emails; use Siri; get directions in real-time; learn about the best apps for work and play; and much, much more!
  • Find tips for picking a watch model
  • Get watch basics for newbies
  • Adjust the settings
  • Learn about the hottest apps
  • Troubleshoot common issues

Wrap your head around WatchOS 5 and the updated Apple Watch, even as it wraps around your wrist!


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