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Dungeon Walkers by Daniel Schinhofen

01 Nov 2021, 16:08

Dungeon Walkers by Daniel Schinhofen

Dungeon Walkers by Daniel Schinhofen | 402.87 KB
English | 511 Pages

Title: Dungeon Walkers 2
Author: Daniel Schinhofen
Year: 2021

Dungeon Walkers brave the depths of the dungeons for personal gain- clearing a dungeon means dungeon points to purchase gear with, but more importantly, perks. Perks are the main reason Walkers put their lives on the line. Every time a dungeon is cleared the first time, a Walker gets a choice of three perks that could change their lives.

Not every Walker makes it out alive. When someone dies in the dungeon, their soul is fragmented into four shards, which can be purchased for dungeon points. Collecting all four shards and taking them to a temple of the Goddess means the dead can live again. There is a sub-sect of Walkers that makes it their goal to bring the dead back from the dungeons- they're called the Rescue Squad.

Stern is intent on joining the ranks of Rescue Squad. Finally done with his six months at the academy, he is about to make his first run through a dungeon. It will not be easy- he doesn't have a crew, or a team, to run it with. Stern is an irregular- someone born with unusual perks- and unfortunately, looking like the blighted. Being seen as blighted has made Stern's life hell, but he keeps pushing on, intent on making his goal real.

Despite his hardships, he's been blessed with the unusual perk of his life-long friend, Pawly. Pawly is a polydactyl Maine Coon, who is protective of her friend and eager to help him reach his goal. With his friend beside him, Stern is ready to start his adventure.

(This book contains non-standard relationships and touches upon adult situations.)


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